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Scala Side Assist - Blind Spot Detection

Side Assist - Blind Spot Detection

The new SCALA sees things you don't. Side Assist (Blind Spot Detection), standard in launch edition only, helps you change lanes safely by letting you know when a vehicle is in your blind spot. If so, an LED symbol in the side mirror will light up, and start flashing once you indicate.

Scala Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian Protection

Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian Protection

A backseat driver you'll appreciate. Predictive Pedestrian monitors the space in front of your car to let you know when a pedestrian is dashing in front of you. If you can't react in time, the car will automatically brake, or even stop altogether to help avoid a collision. Making the roads safer for you and every pedestrian on their phone.

Scala Lane Assist

Lane Assist

To veer is human. Lane Assist uses a camera positioned within the rear-view mirror unit to actively recognise lane markings and, if you begin to stray, take corrective action to gently steer you back on course. It will also send audible and visual messages if you need to take additional action.

Scala 7 Airbags

7 Airbags

We hope you never need the seven airbags that come standard in every SCALA. Located at the front, front side, rear side, curtain and driver's knee area, they help protect you and your loved ones in the event of a collision.

Scala Fatigue Detection

Fatigue Detection

Our engineers have developed a hands-on approach to help identify driver fatigue. Fatigue Detection monitors your movement through the steering wheel. If it senses signs of fatigue, it triggers an audible and visual warning alerting you that you need to stop and rest.

Scala Wireless Apple Carplay

Wireless Apple Carplay

Combining our smart car with your smartphone was always going to be a good idea. Wireless Apple CarPlay+ seamlessly connects compatible apps from your smartphone to your SCALA. So, whether you want to listen to music or receive turn-by-turn directions, you can do it all without touching you phone. Smartphone Connectivity for Android Auto™ is available through cable connection.

Scala Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

No cables, no worries. Now with the QI Wireless charging in the centre console, you'll never get caught with a flat smartphone.

Scala Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Just when you thought cruise control couldn't get any smarter. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) features a radar sensor on the front grille which monitors the vehicle(s) ahead, allowing it to automatically brake and accelerate to a speed and distance set by you - ensuring a safe buffer between you and the car in front.

Scala Virtual Cockpit

Virtual Cockpit

All that important information, which used to be shown on your dashboard gauges, is now brought to life in a dynamic display. This driving data includes, speed and fuel readouts - along with more contemporary features, like driver assist and navigation tools.

Scala Automatic Parking Assist

Automatic Parking Assist

Parking doesn't get any easier than this. With a press of a button, Automatic Parking Assist will begin searching for a parking space in a line of cars or other obstacles. When found, the car will steer itself into the space while you simply control the pedals. How's that for assistance?

Scala KESSY - Advanced Keyless Entry

KESSY - Advanced Keyless Entry

A car that gets the door for you? Now that's service. KESSY can be added so you can lock and unlock your car and start and stop the engine without having to insert or even handle the key.

Scala Rear Parking Sensors

Rear Parking Sensors

Gone are the days when your passenger had to get out to help you park. Enjoy ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper that alert you with an acoustic signal that shortens as you near an obstacle, as well as visual feedback via the infotainment unit.

Scala Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera

Some forward thinking for when you're going backwards. The Rear View Camera engages as soon as you choose reverse and the picture is shown on the infotainment display. While dynamic guidelines help steer you in any tricky parking situations.

Scala Turbocharged Engine

Turbocharged Engine

Now, let's talk about what’s behind that pedal. Modern turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection - petrol TSI. Save fuel while retaining driving dynamics. And thanks to the turbocharging, there's plenty of power in low RPM, where the engine is most commonly used.


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