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Karoq Side Assist - Blind Spot Detection

Side Assist - Blind Spot Detection

The KAROQ sees things you dont. Side Assist (Blind Spot Detection), available with the option Traval Pack, helps you change lanes safely by letting you know when a vehicle is in your blind spot. If so, an LED symbol in the side mirroe will light up, and start flashing once you indicate.

Karoq LED Headlights with AFS and Fog Lamps

LED Headlights with AFS and Fog Lamps

The KAROQ will light up your life. The LED headlamps offer high-performance and high-energy efficiency. The AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) adjusts the lighting intensity to specific conditions (e.g. city, motorway or driving in the rain). When in poor light, the LED fog lamps can come to the rescue, helping ensure your safety. LED headlamps available with the optional Premium Pack.

Karoq Lane Assist

Lane Assist

Lane assist, available with the optional Travel Pack, always keeps you on the right track. Using a camera positioned within the rear-view mirror unit, it actively recognises lane markings and takes corrective action by steering you back on course.

Karoq Park Assist

Park Assist

Parking doesnt get any easier than this. With a apress of a button, Automatic Parking Assist, available with the optional Tech Pack, will begin searching for a parking space in a line of cars or other obstacles. When found, the car will steer itself into the space while you simply control the pedals. Hows that for assistance?

Karoq Rear Traffic Alert

Rear Traffic Alert

The KAROQ always has your back. When you're reversing, Rear Traffic Alert, available with the optional Travel Pack, recognises vehicles approaching from the sides and alerts you with an acoustic signal. If necessary, the brakes are automatically applied to help prevent any collision.

Karoq Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera

Some forward thinking for when you're going backwards. The Rear View Camera engages as soon as you choose reverse and the picture is shown on the infotainment display. While dynamic guidelines help steer you in any tricky parking situations.

Karoq Fatigue Detection

Fatigue Detection

Anything but a 'yawn'. Our clever engineers have developed a hands-on approach to help identify driver fatigue. Fatigue Detection monitors your movement through the steering wheel. If it senses signs of fatigue, it triggers an audible and visual warning alerting you that you need to stop and rest.

Karoq Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Just when you thought cruise control couldn't get any smarter, along comes the KAROQ. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) features a radar sensor on the front grille, allowing it to automatically brake and accelerate to a speed and distance set by you - ensuring a safe buffer between you and the car in front.

Karoq Canton Sound System

Canton Sound System

Audiophiles wanted. With ten speakers - including one in the dashboard - and a subwoofer in the luggage compartment, the Canton Sound System, available with the optional Tech Pack, makes the KAROQ's audio experience as awesome as its drive. The total power output is 575 W.

Karoq Columbus Navigation

Columbus Navigation

Everything is at your fingertips in the KAROQ. The Columbus 3D navigation system, available with the optional Tech Pack, features easy-to-use touch controls on an 9.2" glass display. The device offers many functions including Bluetooth®, SmartLink+ vehicle set up and much more.

Karoq KESSY - Advanced Keyless Entry including Smart Start

KESSY - Advanced Keyless Entry including Smart Start

A car that gets the door for you? Now that's service. Standard in the KAROQ range is KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and Exit System). It allows the driver to lock and unlock the car, and start and stop the engine, without having to insert or even handle the key.

Karoq Virtual Cockpit

Virtual Cockpit

All that important information, which used to be shown on your dashboard gauges, is now brought to life in a dynamic digital display. This driving data includes, speed and fuel readouts - along with more contemporary features, like driver assist and navigation tools.

Karoq The real question is: What can't you fit?

The real question is: What can't you fit?

The VarioFlex seating system is made up of three back seats which can be independently folded down or completely removed, giving you plenty of options. With all three folded down you get a luggage capacity of 1,605 litres. Take them out and you'll have a whopping 1,810 litres.

Karoq Automatic Tailgate Opening with Virtual Pedal

Automatic Tailgate Opening with Virtual Pedal

Magic happens in the KAROQ. The new Virtual Pedal, available with the optional Tech Pack, lets you open the boot simply by kicking your foot underneath the rear bumper - convenient for when your hands are tied with loads of shopping.

Karoq Electrically-adjustable Driver Seat

Electrically-adjustable Driver Seat

A vehicle that knows how you like to sit. For added convenience, the KAROQ can be equipped with electrically-adjustable front seat with memory function, available with the optional Travel Pack. Memory function stores three separate positions of the seat and external mirrors.

Karoq Turbocharged Engine

Turbocharged Engine

It’s not often you see 'turbocharged' and efficient in the same engine summary. Our Volkswagen Group 1.4 TSI 110 8-speed auto engine delivers a combined fuel economy of 6.6L/100km, acceleration of 8.8s to 100km, CO2 of 155g/km and a max torque of 250nm.


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3 piece netting system

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Cargo element

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